Why Use Artificial Grass Chain Fence?

Dec. 15, 2020

Artificial grass has been developed for more than 40 years. It originally originated in the United States. At that time, because the natural grass under the roof could not grow, artificial grass was used to solve this problem. Since then, artificial turf has spread from the United States to the world, forming a segmentation of American grass, European grass, Australian grass and Asian grass. American grass has stronger market competition because of its long history, advanced materials and technology. force.

In many countries in the world, due to the different geographical locations, extreme natural conditions, and their economic conditions, and the fact that a considerable number of natural grass courses must be equipped with roofs and other facilities, natural turf The laying and maintenance of the plant becomes more difficult. And it is under such specific conditions that synthetic grasses show their great advantages. After a long period of development, artificial grass technology has become more mature, and many technical indicators are close to natural grass, which can meet the technical requirements of professional football matches on the surface of the playing field.

Why Use Artificial Grass Chain Fence?cid=4Artificial Grass Chain Fence 

Advantages of artificial grass chain fence

Decoragrass is non-flammable and is made of Ø1.6 mm galvanized 40 x 40 mm wire mesh and PVC artificial grass. PVC artificial grass is obtained by compressing the winding strength without any adhesive. TSE certification does not contain any harmful materials.

1. It can be used under any weather conditions and temperature between -20°c and 60°c.

Decorgrass contains 2 layers of Ø1.6 mm hot-dipped galvanized wire mesh.

2. The screen size is 40 x 40 mm, the thickness of the wire and the mesh size can be customized, such as Ø2.5 mm wire and 50x50 mm mesh

3. The PVC grass length is 12 cm, the coverage rate is 100%, and it enjoys a 10-year warranty under any weather conditions.

4. Roll height: 100 cm-120 cm-150 cm-160 cm-180 cm-200 cm-220 cm-250 cm-300 cm.

Roll length: Standart 3 tons, 10 tons, 30 tons, but can also be extended.Chain link fences can be customized.

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