What Do Uou Know about Field Fence?

Dec. 24, 2020

Field fence nets are also called enclosure fence nets, enclosure isolation nets, enclosure fence nets, enclosure protection nets, enclosure protection nets. Enclosure fence netting generally uses relatively cheap fence netting because of its large usage. The most commonly used enclosure fence netting are bilateral wire fence netting, wave-shaped fence netting, and frame fence netting. In addition, aquaculture, planting and temporary enclosures in industrial parks can all be used.

Field Fence

Common specifications of  field fence

1. The dipping wire has a diameter of 3.5mm-5.0mm;

2. Mesh 90mm x 170mm double-sided wire;

3. Maximum size: 2400mm x 3000mm;

4. Column: 48mm x 2mm steel pipe dipping treatment;

5. Accessories: rain cap, connection card, anti-theft bolt;

6. Connection mode: card connection.

Advantages of  field fence products

1. The product structure is simple and uses fewer materials, so the project cost is low;  

2. Very convenient for long-distance transportation;   

3. Integrate the bottom of the fence with the brick-concrete wall, which effectively overcomes the weakness of the net's insufficient rigidity and enhances the protection performance; manufacturers of railway fence nets, road isolation nets, orchard enclosure protection nets

4. The installation is not affected by topography, especially suitable for hilly areas;  

5. High-efficiency anti-corrosion and long service life. Main roads are closed to traffic in the surrounding roads of the agricultural development zone, which is mainly closed for development and protection.

Automatic Chain Fence Machine 

Field fence use

Used for road protection, hillside fences, planting bases, municipal green spaces, forests, garden flower beds, production greenhouses, unit green spaces, roads, airports, port green space fences, the railway closed nets, highway closed nets, field fences, community fences, various Isolation and protection of a kind of stadium, mining and school.

Main features of single-line automatic chain fence machine

1) PLC controlled fully automatic machine.

2) Servo motor control speed regulation, good performance.

3) Single wire feeding (entry).

4) The width of the chain-link fence changes automatically.

5) Operation by one worker.

6) It is very easy to change the hole size.

7) Train workers very quickly. Most customers can operate the machine just by watching the video.

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