What Are the Uses of Barbed Wire?

Jan. 26, 2021

Arte Sella, an open-air venue in Italy's Trentino Valley, attracts many architects and artists every year to create and exhibit their works, including sculptures and art installations by masters such as Michele de Lucchi, Eduardo Souto De Moura and Kengo Kuma.

Recently, a very special installation appeared in this dense forest, it is the latest art installation designed by Italian sculptor Edoardo tresoldi - Simbiosi ▽


Named by Forbes as one of the 30 most influential European artists under 30 at such a young age, this handsome 80s man with brown hair and dark eyes is a notorious wire player, what surprises does he have in store for us this time?

The five-metre-tall installation is called Simbiosi 'Symbiosis', and Edoardo Tresoldi uses the iconic barbed wire , filled with the most common stones from the forest, to enclose a hollow, intricately structured cube.

Standing in the middle of the installation without a roof, one can look up and see the sky, the almost transparent barbed wire  wall is between the visible and invisible, which in turn brings the sky and the earth closer together.

The barbed wire is folded into Romanesque columns and arched windows, and the light-coloured stones are piled loosely in the gaps in the mesh walls, but deliberately not filled to the brim, giving a sense of upward levitation.

The outline of the columns and walls, which originally had no volume, becomes real and tangible with the filling of the stones, the void and the real forming a symbiotic relationship, mysterious and natural.

A ruin floating in architecture, nature and time, it explores the organic connection between the built body and the natural elements of sky, earth and trees.

 Barbed Wire

Barbed wire Surface treatment: galvanized and PVC coated

Barbed wire Normal tensile strength: 400N-550N/mm2

Barbed wire High Tensile, stronger 800N/mm2-1200N/mm2

Barbed wire Surface treatment: common zinc Class I, or high zinc Class III

Barbed wire Twist Type: Motto Type, IOWA type, Single stand barbed wire, PVC barbed wire

Barb distance: 3", 4", 5"

Barbed wire is used in a wide range of industries including machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, glass, food drying, plastics, paper and fibres, and picture tubes, but it is also used in all aspects of agriculture and life. Recently barbed wire  has been used in rock grassing. The new technology of spraying powdered grass on rocky slopes is used to protect the slopes and to beautify the environment at the same time.


Barbed wire is used in coal mountains, mines, construction, breeding, glass factories, petroleum, hardware products, petrochemical industry, construction machinery, protective netting, barbecue netting, handicraft netting, food machinery netting, cooking utensils netting, wall netting, and also for grading and screening of solid materials, filtration of liquids and slurries. Weave and characteristics: first rolled and then woven, two-way wave bending, tight lock bending, flat top bending, two-way bending, one-way wave bending, strong structure.

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