What Are the Installation Methods of the Fence?

Nov. 18, 2020

Fence netting is also known as a protective net. Due to regional differences, southerners are accustomed to calling it an isolation fence, and northerners are accustomed to calling it a fence. Chinese fence nets are mainly divided into garden fence nets, railway fence nets, bridge fence nets, highway fence nets, sports fence nets, airport fence nets, etc. According to the type, it is further divided into frame fence net, triangle bent fence net, bilateral wire fence net, double-circle fence net, wave-shaped fence net, stadium fence net, razor wire fence-fence net, barbed wire fence net, PVC coated fence Wire fence and so on (various types). According to the production characteristics, the fence can be divided into two kinds, one is the welded mesh fence, and the other is the chain link fence.

There are many ways to install fence nets, which should be selected according to the specific situation. Enclosure fence nets are common fence nets. Common installation methods include embedded method, concrete pouring method, drilling method, flange fixing method, etc.

Enclosure fence has its own characteristics. Its installation environment is generally not on cement ground or flat rocks, but fields, mountains, orchards, farms, pastures, and other places far away from people's living environment. Therefore, some installation methods are not very suitable, and the most widely used are the embedded method, the concrete construction method, and the drilling method. Among them, the combination of embedded and concrete pouring is more common.

Wire Fence

The following focuses on the installation steps of the combination of embedded and concrete pouring:

1. Level the ground and compact it. The way to install the column position should be leveled and the ground should be leveled, and the ground should be firm enough to lay a solid foundation and clear obstacles for the column installation.

2. Stakeout for digging. Sprinkle white ash on the position where the column needs to be installed for lofting, and then dig the foundation pit. The size of the foundation pit is generally 30*30*30 cm.

3. Pre-buried pouring. Place the column in the middle of the foundation pit, and then pour the concrete. When pouring the concrete, be sure to ensure the orderliness of the single column and all the columns to avoid skew. The usual method is the construction line construction.

4. Column hanging net. After the concrete is solidified, the net can be suspended. Pay attention to keeping a certain distance from the ground to avoid erosion by the ground or accumulated water. Usually, the net is 10 cm above the ground. The connection between the net body and the column generally uses special fittings, and sometimes also uses iron wire to bind. At this time, pay attention to the distance not to be too large, and keep it at 40-50 cm.

The above information is provided by the field fence wholesaler.