The Principle of Wire Drawing Machine and Its Control System

Oct. 24, 2020

With the improvement of mechanical processing skills, the control skills of frequency converters are continuously promoted and applied, and they also play an important role in the principle of wire drawing machines. The high-speed inverted wire drawing machine is the core processing equipment for alloy copper and oxygen-free copper rods. It is mainly useful to increase the processing speed. Because the inverted wire drawing machine not only increases the output power of labor, but also changes the metal material. The metallographic structure between them, and the strength and toughness of the metal wire have been increased to varying degrees, which effectively improves the quality of the product.

When processing large diameter discs, it is often necessary to choose a larger model of inverted wire drawing machine. For example, to process a disc with a diameter of Φ24mm, a 1200 inverted wire drawing machine is required. Only the diameter of the reel can be bent into plate.

Some problems will be encountered when processing such a coil, such as pay-off. If you choose a vertical pay-off stand, due to the larger diameter of the coil, the overall rigidity will increase. Therefore, as the pay-off stand itself rotates, it is not easy to pay off in order when it is entangled , And sometimes even shut down for sorting. This will cause unnecessary trouble, and will affect the output of the inverted wire drawing machine.

Wire Drawing Machine

A fully automatic pay-off machine is produced, which can be perfectly combined with the inverted wire drawing machine. The equipment has its own power and is equipped with two motors. The main shaft on the equipment rotates to drive the rebar plate to rotate. The rebar passes through the hydraulic rust remover and then enters the inverted drawing machine. The automatic take-up machine has the functions of pay-off, dephosphorization and pre-straightening at the same time. One machine is multi-purpose, which makes the entire dephosphorization wire drawing production line smoother, more modern, and saves labor.

The stretching and coiling control of the drawing machine principle is ended by PLC or IPC, and the inverter accepts PLC or IPC instructions to complete the stepless speed regulation of the stretching stage and the constant tension control of the coiling. The system solution will directly lead to problems such as high cost, messy system, difficult maintenance, high repair cost, and poor system control response.

Therefore, mechanically, the principle of the wire drawing machine can be decomposed into the wire drawing part and the wire take-up part, and the electrical control can be broken down into the stepless speed regulation control of the wire drawing and the synchronous control of the constant tension of the winding. The position change of the tension pendulum provides feedback control. The system, through active calculation, changes the working speed of the coiling motor, so that the two links of coiling and wire drawing reflect constant tension and speed synchronization.

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