What Are the Technical Requirements of the Welded Wire Mesh Machine?

Sep. 29, 2020

The welding net machine is a mechatronics advanced welding equipment. The advantage is that the diameter of the wire can be adjusted. The hole diameter of the weft can be input to the computer to achieve the hole distance you reach. In the welded mesh, if you want to change the welding hole distance, You can input the whole distance into the computer to achieve the hole distance you want, and the hole distance can be adjusted at will.

The following are the technical requirements of the welding net machine

1. The welding net machine adopts a new type of enclosed water-cooled welded wire mesh transformer with a wide voltage adjustment range. Adapt to the capacity of the user's main power transformer and reduce the current impact.

2. The warp grid can adjust the related parts, the zonal grid is controlled by a microcomputer, and different grids can be set (the display changes the mesh data).

3. The variable frequency electric action power provides flexible welding pressure for the intersection of vertical and horizontal lines, stable welding, less spatter higher welding speed of the automatic welding net machine, reduced initial investment, operation and maintenance costs, and low noise in the workshop.

4. The power electronic control system of the welding net machine adopts synchronous control technology. The welding time and sub-control welding of the automatic welding net machine are composed of digital integrated circuits, and the control accuracy is high-performance and stable.

Welding Net Machine

5. The transverse (weft) steel bar is designed with a numerical control automatic doffing device and a semi-automatic wire drawing device. The automatic doffing adopts PLC servo control, which is a weft wire blanking and semi-automatic wire drawing device.

6. The welding net machine uses 18mm thick steel plate as the main body. After the professional design, thicker section steel is used to connect and strengthen the main frame structure of the main machine, which creates a strong and simple automatic mesh welding machine's main body.

7. Circulating netting adopts the automatic net welding machine servo motor netting device, and the netting size is more standard.

8. The vertical (warp) steel bar adopts a pneumatic mechanism to realize the neat discharge, and the servo drive transmits to the welding position and the welding speed of the mesh welding machine.

What hidden dangers should be paid attention to when using the welding net machine

Do not put your hands or objects near the upper electrode that is under pressure or put it between the upper and lower electrodes.

Do not touch any part of the body or any object near to the gears, transmission sheaves, sprockets, belts, chains, straighteners, sensors, proximity switches, electrical cabinets, transformers, and other conductive parts with dangerous voltage.

When there is a fuse in the electric control cabinet, stop and power off first. After the electrician finds out the cause of the fuse, replace it with a fuse of the same model and specification, otherwise, it will cause a fire and burn the device.

Operators should pay attention to watching, listening, and smelling at all times, and discover the signs of accidents and hidden equipment hazards in advance. When abnormal phenomena are found, they should immediately shut down and power off for inspection and treatment.

Do not remove or break the zero (grounding) protection wire on the host and electric control cabinet, and check whether the zero (grounding) protection wire is good.

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